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"Marketed as the very first WiiWare title to utilize the WiiMotionPlus accessory, ShadowPlay is a unique concept that doesn't settle with just "fitting in" amongst other puzzle games. While games like Tetris Party have taken advantage of time-tested formulas, Deep Fried Entertainment has effectively strived for a different sense of appeal in their WiiWare debut. In so doing, its creativity really stands as an excellent example of what the service is all about."

7.5 / 10  "ShadowPlay takes a fun and favored pastime from your childhood and brings it back to life as a unique and interesting puzzle design."  "It's an elegant and engaging idea, and the execution is also handled very well -- thanks, in part, to the game's support for the Wii MotionPlus peripheral."  "Graphics are interesting, as the inventive visual effect of using objects' shadows forms the foundation for the game design."

GoFanboy Review
8 /10 "ShadowPlay is exactly the kind of game that we wish popped up more on the Nintendo Wii.  ShadowPlay offers a gameplay mechanic so simple that you’ll immediately wonder why no one has attempted it in the past."
"This is easily one of the most original games on WiiWare that’s available today and certainly a nice departure from the “me-too” offerings of puyo-puyo and Cooking Mama clones that litter the Wii Store."

Nintendo Life
7/10  ShadowPlay is a nice and relaxing change of pace from your typical puzzler and a game worth spending some time with. It’s an idea so simple you wonder why it hasn’t been used more often.

"One of the most inovated and creative games on wiiware!"


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