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Try our Mini-game
Try our Mini-game

Jonesin' for some Deep Fried fun? But first, you got to download the goods. And you don't quite know how? That's all right. We're here to help you. =) So get your Wii ready. Get set. GO!

Step 1: Connect to the Web To get started, you will need to connect your Wii to the internet. For more info on how to connect your Wii to the internet, click here

Step 2: Stop at the Wii Shop Channel From the Main menu screen of your Wii, select the Wii Shop Channel. There may be some pop-ups that ask you to download some updates for the Wii Shop Channel. Follow the instructions.

Step 3: You’ve got to have WiiPoints to buy anything from the Wii Shop Channel. To add Wii points to your account, go to the Wii Shop Channel's main screen. Click on "Add Wii Points". You can either redeem Wii Points using your credit card or redeem a Points Card from a game retailer. Your Wii Points will be stored in your account until you spend them. (hint: you need 800 Wii Points to redeem ShadowPlay)

Step 4: Search After you have redeemed your Wii Points, return to the main Wii Shop Channel screen. Click on the " WiiWare" button on the screen. You will be presented with a list of browse options. To search for the Shadow Play game, choose to browse by "Game Title". Enter in "Shadow Play".

Step 5: Download After you have found "ShadowPlay", select it and click "Download" on the game's detail screen. After your Wii scans to make sure there is sufficient free space to download, click "Yes" on the screen to start the download. If you don't have enough memory, you can free up some space by going to the Data Management section by clicking the "Wii" button from the main menu. Once your download finishes, you are ready to play!