An Interview With Brenda Bailey, Deep Fried Entertainment
Brenda Bailey is the COO and managing partner of Deep Fried Entertainment. Founded in 2005, this Vancouver-based studio has developed titles for the Nintendo Wii, DS and Sony PSP. Brenda was also one of the panelists at this year's special Women in Games talk held at the VFS Game Design Expo.
She got game
Women wooed as gamers and video-game creators.
Bailey, chief operating officer of Deep Fried Entertainment, is reached by phone at her office. The Vancouver company will release its first title—a Sega-partnered racing-combat game called Full Auto 2 for the PlayStation Portable platform—in March. Bailey helped form Deep Fried after running the regional office of the Canadian Cancer Society.
Video-game explosion
Vancouver may be to video games what Hollywood is to the movies, which explains why there are so many new studios.
Deep Fried Entertainment, created last year by a management professional and five former employees of Electronics Arts Black Box, announced a deal in September to create game content for Sega Partners.
Geek Speak: Brenda Bailey, chief operating
officer of Deep Fried Entertainment

Brenda Bailey wants to see more women playing video games. She also would like to see more women working in Vancouver's video-game industry. Bailey is the 42-year-old, Nanaimo-born chief operating officer and managing partner of Deep Fried Entertainment. Founded in 2005, Deep Fried is an independent developer of games for the Nintendo DS, Wii, and PlayStation Portable. On October 5, Deep Fried will release Shadow Play, a WiiWare game.

Deep Fried Entertainment: In the Game - Industry Perspective

Deep Fried Entertainment's thoughts on the vibrant and highly-creative digital gaming industry in Canada.

for a number of reasons. "One thing is the sheer proliferation of gaming devices you can hold in your hand. Everyone has something you can game on these days," said Bailey, who will lead a number of leadership development sessions Monday. "Another is the expansion of the market. Casual gamers are not your typical gamer, 18-to-24-year-old boys. A lot of them are women, and the fastest-growing segment of the market [is] women over 40."
Popularity growing for bite-sized games
Brenda Bailey, chief operating officer of Vancouver game company Deep Fried Entertainment, says the casual game market is growing
New doors opening online for B.C. game developers
“The beauty of the self-published model is that you make your own decisions,” said Brenda Bailey, COO of Vancouver’s Deep Fried Entertainment Inc. “You don’t have to rely on someone else’s relationships, timelines, expertise or ineptitude.”
Biggest video game developers in BC
Business in Vancouver annual list of the Biggest video game developers in BC was publsihed today and the usual suspects are near the top.
Game Developers Conference Canada returns to Vancouver on May 6 and 7

Nikkei visits Deep Fried (translated):

The American corporate body of the Japanese enterprise becoming subject, the case which uses the Canadian enterprise in a contract way of title development with the relationship of capital is little. In Japan in September it became sale, while " (Wii), the Vancouver Next Level Games developing, fighting with the enemy car which in addition Sega sells, it does race/lace, "FULL AUTO 2" (Xbox360 and PSP), Xbox360 edition Toronto Pseudo Interactive, as for PSP edition Vancouver Deep Fried Entertainment has done development. As for these enterprises the small studio growing from there, the case of the enterprise which keeps expanding scale is many, in addition it is not the case that it transacts just the Japanese enterprise.

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